Friends of Waterfront Park

A fresh brand for the nonprofit partner of Seattle’s newly revitalized Waterfront Park.

Friends of Waterfront Park
Seattle, Washington
Principal: Kristine Matthews
Creative Director: Nicole Fischetti
Designer: Peyton Todd
Project Manager: Samantha Segar
Motion Design: Liam Stone
Waterfront Photos: Erik Holsather

Friends of Waterfront Park is the organization responsible for maintaining and activating the city’s new 20-acre world class park. The diverse community they cultivate inspired the vibrant identity featuring bold color and type.

The logo references the distinctive, angular forms of Seattle’s piers and slips, on which the park is built. To support the dynamic new look, we also developed a shape system representing prominent features throughout the park, like the boardwalk and the beach.

“We wanted our rebranding to not only reflect the essence of Waterfront Park but also to serve as a beacon of invitation and inclusivity for all. Through our vibrant new identity, we hope to inspire Seattleites to join us and support our critical work now.”
— Joy Shigaki, CEO of Friends of Waterfront Park, Press Release