University of Washington


Give Me a Sign

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Challenging students to re-think one of the most basic forms of visual communication design: the humble sign.
Give Me a Sign
Seattle, Washington
Installation, Wayfinding

Signs can reveal something. They can make a new connection. They can change people’s perception of a place or thing. Signs can be practical, directional, or poetic (or all of these). Kristine’s students found that what is even more important about the content and design of a sign is where you put it. 

Punctuate, by Tim Chong, Ruby Peven and Shelley Tsui, was conceived as a collaborative sign system, designed to give new expressions to everyday environments. New users can continue to shift the punctuation marks to new locations, and in doing so change the meaning of each scene, often to amusing and surprising effect. 

20211123 Exhibition Design displays-3 2
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