University of Washington


Open to Question

An installation of ‘open doors’ to describe a dynamic history of political and social activism.
Open to Question
Seattle, Washington

In her Exhibition Design course at the University of Washington, Kristine teaches the fundamentals of spatial design to 2-d designers. Students are encouraged to explore materials and form, and the Open to Question project was an opportunity to get hands-on experience designing a real installation. Starting with a raw collection of newspaper clippings and research by a university Museology student, Open to Question describes the dynamic history of political and social activism in and around Seattle’s University District. Kristine’s class created a range of concept designs, after which a team of two Design graduate students and two undergraduates were selected to work under Kristine’s art direction to design and deliver the exhibition and related collateral. The installation, based on the concept of open doors, was first displayed in the plaza of UW Tower in the University District, but its run was then extended to multiple locations across the campus. 

OpenToQuestion_02 OpenToQuestion_04