Waterfront Park

Seattle’s Office of the Waterfront, Friends of Waterfront Seattle

Design Team:
Principal: Kristine Matthews
Project Lead: Nicole Fischetti
Technical Lead: Amy McHorse
Fabricator: Rainier Industries

Nicole Fischetti, Kristine Matthews

Seattle’s downtown waterfront is undergoing a radical transformation. With a 1960s elevated highway torn down and replaced with a tunnel to divert traffic, construction of a fully transformed waterfront could finally begin. The new landscape design will stretch from Pioneer Square in the south to Pike Place Market and beyond in the north, featuring a new promenade, landscape, bike trail and sweeping pedestrian bridge connecting to downtown.

We are working in close collaboration with Seattle’s Office of the Waterfront along with landscape designers James Corner Field Operations (designers of the Highline) on interpretation and wayfinding through the park. With Friends of the Waterfront, who will maintain and program this iconic public space after construction is complete, we have also developed a new visual brand for Waterfront Park. The first phase of implementation is well underway, and it was satisfying to see the first elements of our scheme take their place on Piers 62/63. Designs include large-scale pier numbers that will act as wayfinding points along the promenade, along with a mix of interpretation which will be woven throughout the built landscape. Watch this space as more elements fall into place over the next several years!