Hong Kong Wetland Park

Hong Kong Government, Met Studio Design, Tin Shui Wai, Hong Kong

Design Team:
Principals: Kristine Matthews, Sophie Thomas
Designers: Tara Hanrahan, Petra Gude, Christiane Weissmüller, Sophie Paynter
3-d Designers: Met Studio Design
Designed at thomas.matthews, London

Tara Hanrahan

This conservation, education and tourism facility is the largest wetlands eco-park in the world. We were commissioned to develop all of the graphic interpretation and wayfinding for the site, which features a 90,000 square foot visitor center set within 145 acres of natural and landscaped wetlands. The project represented a two-and-a-half year collaboration with a team of writers, researchers, wildlife experts, botanists and multi-media designers. All interpretation was bilingual (Chinese and English), with maps and wayfinding in four different languages. Our contemporary, colorful graphic approach helped the project to expand the traditional audience for wetland parks and conservation areas, and appeal to a broad, international audience.

The project won an International Award for Excellence in the 2007 Museums and Heritage Awards.