Battersea Arts Centre (BAC), London, England

Design Team:
Principal: Kristine Matthews
Structural Engineer: Structure Workshop
Designed at thomas.matthews, London


Experimental London theater BAC is housed in an unlikely venue: a former town hall. Despite its huge size, the building has a tiny entrance and theatergoers often lost their way to the venue. BAC badly needed a new sign, but to complicate matters, the building was under a strict conservation order, meaning only minimal attachments could be made to the exterior. Our contemporary sign design contrasted with the classical architecture and took their new red squares logo into three dimensions. Nine red cubes project out from the building, making “BAC” visible from every approach. The structure rests on the balcony above the entrance, with minimal fixing to the building. The red cubes illuminate from within at night, acting as a guiding beacon to theatergoers.