Pollinator Pathway

A graphic identity—including a sign system for insects—for a unique urban regeneration project. The Pollinator Pathway forges a place for nature in our streetscapes.
Pollinator Pathway
Seattle, Washington
Principal: Kristine Matthews, in collaboration with Karen Cheng
Minnie Bredouw, Sarah Bergmann
Branding, Wayfinding

The Pollinator Pathway was an initiative to encourage every homeowner along a mile-long stretch of Seattle’s Columbia Street to transform their planting strip, resulting in a long chain of pollinator-friendly gardens. Pathway inventor Sarah Bergmann came to us to help give the project a visual identity and a way for people to understand the idea that pollinators need connected landscapes in the way that humans need city infrastructure to get around. We came up with a city sign system designed for insects. This visual language then played out across a website, print materials and swag.

Our work with Bergmann evolved into collaborations on various events and installations, including the Portal to the Pollinator Pathway, featured at Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park and an exhibition at Seattle Art Museum. The innovative Pathway project earned Bergmann The Stranger newspaper’s Genius Award, and the Seattle Art Museum’s prestigious Betty Bowan award.

StudioMatthews_PollinatorPathway_04 StudioMatthews_PollinatorPathway_02