Office of the Waterfront, Seattle


Pier 62, Waterfront Park

A brand, signage and storytelling for one of the most transformative civic projects in Seattle’s history. In the place of an elevated highway comes an experience that fully reconnects the city to its waterfront.
Pier 62, Waterfront Park
Seattle, Washington
Principal: Kristine Matthews
Project Lead: Nicole Fischetti
3D Designer: Amy McHorse
Designer: Dan Neifert
Fabricator: Rainier Industries
Nicole Fischetti, Kristine Matthews
Installation, Wayfinding

Seattle’s downtown waterfront is undergoing a radical transformation. Now that the 1960s elevated highway has been torn down and replaced with a tunnel, construction of a fully transformed waterfront is underway. With landscape design that will stretch the extent of downtown, Waterfront Park will feature a new promenade, landscape, bike trail, public art, and a sweeping pedestrian bridge connecting downtown to the water.

Working in close collaboration with Seattle’s Office of the Waterfront, a team of cultural consultants, and landscape designers James Corner Field Operations, we are designing interpretive signs and wayfinding for the entire park. We have also developed a new visual brand for the park with Friends of the Waterfront, who will maintain and program this iconic public space after construction is complete. The first elements of our scheme are now in place on Piers 62/63. Watch this space as more elements fall into place over the next several years.

StudioMatthews_Pier62_02 StudioMatthews_Pier62_05