Oxbow Farm

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Signage and trail wayfinding for this agriculture non-profit located on the beautiful Snoqualmie River.
Oxbow Farm
Carnation, Washington
Principal: Kristine Matthews
Project Lead: Nicole Fischetti
Project Manager: Meg Graham
Designers: Dan Neifert, Eli Kahn
Landscape Architect: GGN
Fabricator: Imagine Visual Services, Oxbow team
William Wright

Oxbow Farm near Carnation, Washington connects to the public through education programs, festivals, volunteer opportunities and a community-sponsored agriculture program. They wanted to become more welcoming and equitable for all visitors, regardless of whether they were coming to site for a paid event. Working with the Oxbow team and landscape architects GGN, we developed a color-coded trail system, friendly map design, and related signage to welcome and guide visitors around the 240-acre site. Stop by Oxbow and check out their Farm Stand, always stocked with goods fresh from the planting beds.

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