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We’d like to teach the world to sing

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Fluorescent lights experiment

Scott and Christoffer hacked together a fluorescent light fixture using scrap materials from the studio and their homes
to literally brighten up the studio.

Rainy day people

Keep an eye out for our new construction graphics along Seattle’s Burke Gilman Trail, coming in January. And don’t forget your rain boots.

Waxing poetic

Creative Director Cassie Klingler taught us a thing or two about hot wax in this week’s Studio Share Session. Who knew that folded paper could become sculpture with just one dip in that magical stuff?

Convention Center project getting underway

Our collaboration started this week with LMN Architects, GGN Landscape Architects and retail and food experts Graham Baba on the city’s new Convention Center project. Looking forward to working with this team! The new center will break ground across from the iconic Paramount Theater in 2017.


Studio field trip to Glassbaby today to learn how they work their molten glass magic. Inspiring to see seasoned makers at work, wielding molten glass with the ease of a baton twirler. Impressive stuff.

People’s Choice Award

12 Ave Arts has been selected as a finalist in the city’s first People’s Choice Urban Design Awards mid-rise category. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer project: it’s one of the only Capitol Hill developments in recent years to provide housing for low-income residents. You can vote for your favorite project here (nudge, nudge). See it here.

They found money in the trash

This student team of garbologists helped research University of Washington trash. Turns out we throw tons into landfill that could be composted or recycled, and cost UW hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process. Our collaboration with Prof. Karen Cheng is designing an installation to solve the problem. Stay tuned!

Art by the Numbers

Our wayfinding and identity for Mad Campus, Seattle-based MadArt’s public arts project last fall, is highlighted at SEGD. The graphic system was designed to create connections between large, site-specific artworks spread across a 500+ acre campus.

Fred Hutch Visitor Center launches

Proud to be at the ribbon-cutting for the space we designed for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. The Share Your Story wall already has a collection of amazing contributions from visitors, it’s humbling.