Monthly Archives: August 2018

Songs of the Sidewalk

Test tiles for the Market to MOHAI pedestrian trail feature quotes about the pleasures of walking in the city. Yet another reason to leave your car behind.

See the City with New Eyes

Temporary ‘history blades’ and sidewalk quotes hit the streets this week to test the Market to MOHAI pedestrian trail from Seattle’s Pike Place Market to the Museum of History and Industry. Find them on Bell St and Westlake Ave, then fill out the survey at

Very Fishy

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Center for Wooden Boats

We eagerly await the opening of the new, Olson Kundig-designed Center for Wooden Boats building on Lake Union. Our donor recognition and signage will roll out this fall. Sign painter Dave Heck did a lovely job getting the logos (designed by Patricia Ackerman) onto the exterior.

Photo by Chris Burnside.

A Waterfront For All

We’re celebrating the culmination of our second phase of work for Waterfront Seattle, documenting an integrated family of interpretation, wayfinding, and visual identity. Looking forward to digging into story content next!

Feeling the Way

As part of our experimentation with tactile interpretation for Waterfront Seattle, we modeled the neighborhood around Studio Matthews. Now we can feel our way to lunch within a five-block radius.